Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Texas Left-Overs

Dad, You Prankster
When I was in San Antonio, originally had planned to pass through it in a day, but when I realized that it would take me 8 1/2 hours to drive to Amarillo from there, I decided to stay an evening.  My Dad insisted on me staying at the Menger Hotel, "Son, You HAVE to stay there...for the experience."  I didn't know why at first other than the fact that many famous people had passed through this hotel including; Teddy Roosevelt(he used the bar to recruit rough riders), Oscar Wilde, Babe Ruth, R.E. Lee, and Bill Clinton.  That's what I thought he meant...well apparently the place is haunted and I didn't realize this until I had a weird vibe in my room and I decided to google the hotel.  I gave him a hard time about how he forgot to mention the haunting part,  but it was fun.  There were certain areas where Sallie White is seen walking the halls, the main lobby door likes to mysteriously open on it's own, and some dead chick plays the piano in the lobby.  The workers there have plenty of stories of their own too. So, I stayed up a while trying to "ghost hunt", unfortunately I didn't see anything, I guess Ghosts don't like the fact that we can snap pictures of them and upload them on facebook nowadays...and then tag them.

Last quick thought on San Antonio, another good place for a couples/family vacation.  The River Walk is pretty cool and there is enough to do in the city for at least 3 days.  Hensley Approved.

The 72 Ouncer at the Big Texan.
In Amarillo, I paused for a bit, saw the Cadillac Ranch and went by the Big Texan.  I seriously contemplated going after the 72 ounce.  Now, I can handle getting lost in the ghetto, losing my tires in Arkansas, a demon lady, and seeing eye to eye with a bear (I used to joke about how the best way to 'go' would be wrestling a bear....I no longer find this comment funny.), Miami, haunted places, and roughing it for the night in my car, but I could not handle the 72 ounce steak and chickened out.  I settled on a 20 ounce.  I could've done a 40, and I would have done a 60 but I would have been sick, and I still would have had 12 more ounces to go.  That's 5 pounds of food (you have to eat the rest of the meal as well) and this is broadcast'd live on webcam.  Plus if you fail, you're out 80 bucks which is how much the meal costs. No thank you.

Footnote: No, I do not believe in Ghosts.

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