Friday, May 13, 2011

Back On Top: Utah To Arizona

The Colorado disaster, although ending on a good note, took a lot out of me mentally, spiritually, financially and I caught myself wanting to come home.  That was before I met Utah.  

I came into Moab later on in the afternoon and had just enough time to get a good hike in up at Arches national park.  The hike didn’t take me to the main delicate arch itself, I figured I’d save that for the next day when I had more daylight.  The national park there is remarkable and there is so much to do for those who love the outdoors like myself.  Rafting, horseback trails, biking trails, plenty of hiking the only problem is this time I didn’t have time for all of that because I wasted so much time in Colorado.  I had to be in Arizona in a couple of days to meet my cousin/sisters in Flagstaff.  I did get to hike up to the delicate arch (although I really wanted to bike it). 

The Rest of Utah
Such a gorgeous state and I think it’s highly underrated.  It was very green up north, the Great Salt Lake was pretty and not too far from that was the Bonnefeild salt desert which I had fun driving on.  A little slushy though.  I was really booking it this day, leaving Moab after an early morning hike, hitting up the state legislature in Salt Lake City, driving past the Mormon Temple there, The Great Salk Lake and then the desert, it was a busy day and my final destination for the night was Vegas.

In Nevada, I took the Great Basin Highway, then the Loneliest Road, followed by ET Highway and swung by the outskirts of Area 51 to see if they would shoot me and try to see if I could catch a UFO along the way.  I saw some weird stuff but no UFO’s.  I arrived in Vegas, late, very very late, however, this city does not sleep.  No, I did not gamble.  Not that I’m overly opposed to it, I just think this trip and life itself is enough gamble for me.  The next morning I stopped by the famous Gun Show and took a shot at Osama Bin Laden with a 1928 Thompson automatic.  I even dressed up for the occasion.  Passed by a replicate Simpsons house and headed for Arizona.  

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