Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Answering the "Why?" Question

In the summer of 2008, I was staying at a hostel in Budapest, Hungary, swapping travelling stories with some folks from the UK.  I was asked what New York, Florida and California were like....I had no idea since I had never been to any of those states.  I had been clear across the Atlantic Ocean yet I hadn't seen some of the most amazing places in my own country.  I've been stuck on the idea ever since.

Hopping in a car and driving wherever the Lord directs me has always been a dream of mine and now is probably the best opportunity I'll have to do it.  My goal is to hit each of the 48 states in the continental USA.  I might swing by Canada....Maybe even play chicken across the Mexican boarder? Just kidding Mom and Dad. 

Suggestions on places to see and things to do are more than welcomed.  Also, if you know of any cool people in certain areas that I could stay with for a night, let me know!  I'll be on a tight budget...

Hope to see some of you along the way!



  1. Ata boy, Joel. Enjoy the Father's provision--stop by Warrenton, VA next weekend (Friday 11th- Saturday 12th) for Whoppa-Narnia weekend there!

  2. Hey Joel! WOW, a road trip. Good for you! I can't wait to see your posts! Have fun and be safe!

  3. Come to virginia beach! It's really exotic. Wish we were with you!